Light weight, heavy sound

The new lighter version of the popular Delta – the Delta C – is a truly versatile professional instrument. The new bold and high-tech look of the Delta C carbon fiber body is captivating. Its lightness makes this instrument very easy to handle, and its carbon fiber structure allows one to experiment different percussive sound effects. The Delta C’s original shape and lightness allows versatility to musicians to play it their own way – sitting, standing or even moving onstage. The Delta C is a truly innovative professional instrument, as the artist who plays one.

DELTA C 3,8 kg
DELTA 6,5 kg
The new carbon fiber body Delta C, with overall reduced dimensions, is a mere 3,8 kg (8.3 lbs).

Play the way you wanted

Play it the way you want to. Innovative use of a base, stand or a strap allows you to play the Delta sitting or mobile, making it versatile for rehearsals, classes, studios and stages of any size.

With base

Standing position

Standing position


111 cm (43.75”)

29 strings *
From 2nd Oct. C
to 6th Oct. C

1 audio jack

3,8 kg (8.3 lbs.)

Frequency Range
65,41 – 1046,5 Hz

Carbon fiber black

* Stringing: Silkgut® synthetic lever string 2nd Octave C – 4th Octave C, Silkgut® Copper synthetic lever string 4th Octave B – 5th Octave D and Bow Brand lever bass wire 5th Octave C – 6th Octave C.
Included in the box: Strap / Base / Gig bag / Tuning Key
> Flight case and tripod stand available separately

Extended bass range

Placing the Delta’s pins and levers in controversial straight lines produced a significant size reduction in the string scale length allowing for an extended bass range (down to 6th octave C) to be placed in a small-sized wearable instrument.

Limitless sound

The strings of the Delta run over a bridge, offering playing techniques like pitch bending and slides. The bridge pickup system offers a clean sound across the frequency spectrum from crisp highs to pure bass tones, offering you the maximum versatility to develop your own sound.


Compatible with all effects processors, recording equipment and PA systems, the Delta brings a dynamic to live performances and is ideal for home and studio use.

The preamp and tone can be adjusted with two easily located control knobs.
Delta Wood Version

Wood Version

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